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  About the Journal  

Aims and Scope
In recognition of a great historian and legendary scholar (late) Dr. Riazul Islam (Professor Emeritus), Department of History, University of Karachi, is reviving the journal Past and Present initiated by him, under the new title Journal of History and Social Sciences (jhss).
Professor Islam whose contribution in the field of history and social science has been acknowledged in the world of academia, studied and taught history at two world renowned institutions viz. Aligarh University and Oxford University. Due to his seminal contributions and original researches in history, University of Karachi honored him as Emeritus Professor. Following the academic traditions of Aligarh and Oxford Universities, Professor Islam established research environment in the Department of History, University of Karachi and initiated research journal titled Past and Present in 1970s. Unfortunately, due to his preoccupation with a number of academic responsibilities and ill health, the publication of journal remained suspended for some years. Since his demise in 2007 the Department was planning to revive the research journal. Now the department is in a position to work in the direction set by the late Prof. Islam for the disciplines of History and Social Sciences.
The purpose of the Journal is to encourage, promote and enhance historical and contemporary understanding of different issues of social sciences. To reflect the wide range of academic disciplines involved in human history the journal seeks to promote cross disciplinary discussions of ideas  and experiences so as to illuminate the complex processes that have shaped human past and present and would have profound impact on future development of our contemporary world.
jhss aims at providing a forum for peer reviewed research in history and other    fields of social sciences. In this context the journal invites articles that blend empirical research with theoretical work, undertake comparisons across time and space, or contribute to the development of quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis.

Submission Information
Submissions must consist of two hard copies and one soft copy on a CD. Please note: Journal of History and Social Science does accept email submissions.


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